Doggy Daycare and Spa is Mid-Michigan’s original Doggy Daycare Center. Cageless daycare provides socialization and exercise in a cageless environment for pet dogs of all sizes. We offers the area’s most unique boarding services. Dogs enjoy the benefits of Daycare during the day, playing with friends and getting tired out, but have their own private space at night.

Welcome to Doggy Daycare and Spa! Where the Hip Hounds Hang Out!

Doggy Daycare and Spa was established in October 2000 and can proudly lay claim to being Mid-Michigan’s very first Doggy Daycare Center!

We provide a cageless environment where dogs can enjoy the freedom of 8,000 square feet of space to hang out with their friends. Because the health and safety of every one of our dogs is of the utmost importance, we have requirements everyone has to meet and an enrollment process that all dogs must go through in order to come for the just the day or to spend the night.

It is our goal to always meet and exceed your expectations by providing you and your pet with the very best in Daycare, Boarding, and Grooming.



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Say Hello To Our Dog Of The Month!

Farrah Linn

Meet Farrah Linn!

  • Farrah is a 2-year old “only dog” that loves to socialize with other dogs, has keen intelligence, and a high energy level. She needs sufficient exercise and mental stimulation to relieve boredom, which daycare provides for her. Her owner works full time, so daycare gives her a break from being alone all day. It has done wonders for building her confidence and fostering her independence. Her mom’s previous pet was groomed at Doggy Daycare and Spa, so they were already familiar with the staff. When Farrah came along and it was clear that daycare would be good for her. The logical choice for daycare and grooming was Doggy Daycare and Spa, and her mom continues to be very pleased with the services Farrah receives.
  • Farrah’s name came with her when she was adopted. Her mom thought very seriously about changing it, but couldn’t come up with a name that seemed to fit. Through research, she learned that Farrah means “delightful” or “free-spirit”; it can also mean “one who travels”. It made her realize that her name describes her perfectly, so she kept it.
  • Farrah entered the Linn family on July 3, 2014. She was a year old, picked up as a stray in Tennessee and lived in a shelter there. No one claimed or adopted her, and her time in the shelter was up. Fortunately, she got a place on the Rescue Wagon, which rescues unwanted animals from southern kill shelters and brings them to the Capital Area Humane Society. She made the long trip to Michigan, arriving on July 2, 2014. She was spayed the next day, and needed someone to foster her for the long holiday weekend. A friend asked if Farrah’s owner would be willing to foster a dog, and said absolutely not. Eventually she met Farrah and reluctantly agreed to take her just for the weekend. You can guess the rest; Farrah won her heart and decided to adopt her. She made herself at home in the condo but has graciously allowed her mom to continue living there! She is a great dog and was lucky to get her.
  • Farrah loves to look out the window for squirrel sightings. She likes long walks on the trails, exploring new places and smells, and making new friends. Her owner has friends close by that have a very large fenced-in yard, so running around, catching a Chuck It, and patrolling for squirrels and other critters are at the top of the list of Farrah’s favorite outdoor activities. Indoors, she likes playing with her toys and chewing on Nyla bones. She enjoys cuddling and will curl up in my lap for a nap. And she LOVES to eat, but manages to keep her girlish figure. A Frosty Paws cup or a few pieces of watermelon are among her favorite treats.
  • Farrah’s favorite outdoor toy is the “Chuck-It” version of a Frisbee. She loves to run after it and makes some pretty amazing catches. Once she catches it she will run around the yard for several minutes, shaking it as hard as she can. She will play like this for hours as long as someone is willing to keep throwing it. She plays with her Wubba the same way but doesn’t have as much room to run indoors. Farrah also loves toys that squeak, and her favorite is her lion (see unusual story below).
  • Farrah can roll over, shake, and catch a Chuck-It. She is also good at hiding your shoes if you decide take them off your feet; be aware it may take a while to find them. She is very intelligent and a quick learner, and will do almost anything if a food reward is involved. Best of all, she gives great “doggie hugs” to her favorite people.
  • Farrah doesn’t have any furry siblings, but she has two canine cousins: Holly, a Pitbull shepherd mix, and Lyndi, a Doberman. She likes to chase and wrestle with Holly. 10 year old Lyndi likes Farrah, but sometimes wonders about her energy level! Farrah loves all the dogs in the subdivision. Her friend Belle goes to Doggy Daycare and Spa, too. Her closest buddies are Taxi (cocker) and Trolley (Pomeranian) who live in the neighborhood. They visit the parks and walk together, and run and play in the yard, which is the doggie version of Cedar Point. Trolley likes to engage Farrah in a good game of chase. Taxi and Trolley allow Farrah to be a house guest when her mom is away.
  • When Farrah first got to her forever home, she had a lot of learning to do. She wouldn’t cross a threshold or get into a car by herself. She isn’t afraid of loud noises, like firecrackers or thunder. However, when she heard the toilet flush she would run and hide under the table! She still doesn’t like that sound, and she isn’t crazy about the sound of the school bus either. Earlier this year while walking on the trails, there was a log lying in the brush. The end was pointed from where it was chopped down, and it had a couple of stray branches sticking out at odd angles. Farrah spotted it, and slowly and quietly snuck up on it, carefully planning her strategy. Then she crouched down and finally pounced on it – she thought it was an animal! The look on her face when she realized it was just an old log said, “What a waste of time that was!” Farrah has been known to stalk lawn figures of rabbits, cats, and pink flamingoes, but this was the first time an inanimate log got her attention.
  • Farrah loves toys that squeak. She has a lion with several squeakers in different parts of the toy, and each one makes a different sound. She will grab the lion in different places and at varying speeds, getting new and interesting sound combinations each time she plays with it. She finds this activity very entertaining and so do the humans. Farrah actually has a pretty good sense of musicality and rhythm and we joke that she is playing her own personal symphony. Move over, Mozart!
  • Fall brings cooler weather, which is ideal for running around outdoors and taking trips to the park. The local critters such as deer, squirrels, rabbits, and wild turkeys are out and about, and Farrah keeps a very close eye on what they are up to. Farrah loves to stick her nose under a pile of leaves to see if there are any good new smells or critter scents to track. Fall also brings football season, and Farrah is a loyal Spartan fan. She proudly wears her green and white MSU collar, and sports a Spartan bandana on game days. She can even manage to get a smile out of the staunchest Michigan fan! Go Green!!!