Doggy Daycare and Spa is Mid-Michigan’s original Doggy Daycare Center. Cageless daycare provides socialization and exercise in a cageless environment for pet dogs of all sizes. We offers the area’s most unique boarding services. Dogs enjoy the benefits of Daycare during the day, playing with friends and getting tired out, but have their own private space at night.

Welcome to Doggy Daycare and Spa! Where the Hip Hounds Hang Out!

Doggy Daycare and Spa was established in October 2000 and can proudly lay claim to being Mid-Michigan’s very first Doggy Daycare Center!

We provide a cageless environment where dogs can enjoy the freedom of 8,000 square feet of space to hang out with their friends. Because the health and safety of every one of our dogs is of the utmost importance, we have requirements everyone has to meet and an enrollment process that all dogs must go through in order to come for the just the day or to spend the night.

It is our goal to always meet and exceed your expectations by providing you and your pet with the very best in Daycare, Boarding, and Grooming.



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Say Hello To Our Dog Of The Month!

Saké Fox

Meet Saké Fox!

  • Sakura Saké Fox is a 2 year old Cairn Terrier! Sakura means cherry blossom in Japanese, Saké is Japanese rice wine. Saké’s mom has performed concerts in Japan and is a fan of Japanese modern composers as well as artists from the Edo period. Sakura is for the Cairn’s integrity and elegance while Saké is for her fun playful and adventurous nature.
  • When relocating from NY to MI Saké’s mom did A LOT of research online for dog daycare in Ingham County. It was important for her that Saké be able to spend time in a cage-less environment where she could socialize with dogs of all breeds and sizes. Doggy Daycare and Spa had the best reviews and their website had easy navigation and detailed information. They were the most professional when contacted and answered all her questions. Then when visiting MI for house hunting Doggy Daycare and Spa was the answer we received most when asking local dog owners around the area. Then Sake’s mom made a site visit to DDS and found the staff to be friendly and the environment clean, safe and inviting for Saké. And most importantly the dogs in daycare seemed really happy. The interview process for Saké really made a great impression on her mom because knowing each dog is interviewed and vetted for social temperament meant the environment would be safe and that the owner really un derstands dog culture.
  • Saké’s loves to play chase, especially when she grabs her mom’s iPhone, socks and shoes and parades them triumphantly around the yard. She loves to explore and take long walks in the woods and the MSU Campus. She also loves to play catch and is quite skilled with catching serious airtime when catching the ball. She likes to play soccer passing the ball back and forth. She also enjoys chasing squirrels and chipmunks, swimming in the pool and likes to sit at the Apple Mac and watch the screen while her mom flies them through virtual reality worlds (seriously).
  • Saké loves her orange Chuk-it Ball. She carries it everywhere and also tries to bark at the squirrels while it sits in her mouth. She likes to play catch with it, bounce it around with her paws, splash it around in the pool and pass it back and forth with other dogs and friends. And she sleeps with it next to her head.
  • She’s good at solving doggy puzzles, is a little ninja when it comes to speed and agility, can work the TV remote and the track pad on laptop, and is really great at communication skills with humans using both her paws, voice, eyes, ears and tail.
  • Saké has two cousins who live in NY. Shilo, an American Bulldog and Sebastian, a Miniature Pinscher. She also has very warm and friendly human families in the MSU School of Journalism and in Upstate NY.
  • Sake has traveled through NY, PA, OH and MI. She is a super traveler and loves to ride around in the Jeep with the top off.
  • The night we went to pick up Saké for the first time from her breeder there was a wild exotic panther on the loose in the area! And on our way home the Panther appeared on the road in front of the Jeep! Saké gave a little puppy bark and the Panther disappeared into the woods. I’m sure she would be just as brave if we encountered flying monkeys.
  • Saké likes music. She enjoys it when anyone sings, or plays Classical, Folk or Celtic music.
  • Her favorite thing about the summer is lying in the cool green grass and letting the breeze blow across her fur. Her little nose is fully engaged with all the smells floating on the breeze and her ears work like radar dishes taking in every sound. There is a little Buddha in the yard and she likes to sit in the grass next to it under the trees.