Violet Kelly

Doggy Daycare and Spa is my lifesaver, my saving grace. It gives me one day off each week to do anything I want at anytime. I know Violet’s social skills are better and it’s a familiar place for her to go to have fun and be safe. Everyone seems to love Violet and treats her really well. The groomers are the best and always do a fantastic job. I can’t imagine not having Doggy Daycare and Spa!

– Annie & Sharon Kelly

Eleanor Manthey

Doggy Daycare and Spa has been a lifesaver for both Katie and Eleanor. For Katie, the anxiety of leaving her precious pooch at home for more than four hours at a time was overwhelming before she found DDS. Because of DDS, Katie is able to concentrate on finishing her dissertation when she is at work, and relax at home with Eleanor in the evenings, guilt free. DDS has absolutely been life-changing for Eleanor. She is a rescue dog, and spent the first few years of her life in a puppy mill. When Katie adopted her in 2011 she was very timid–she was afraid of stairs, curtains, and chew toys. Since coming to DDS, Eleanor has really come out of her shell. Now she will play with toys at home, and engage with people in a friendly manner instead of hiding whenever someone new comes over. Eleanor has also learned to be more vocal–she will now growl softly if she needs something (food, water, to go outside and use the bathroom). Eleanor has totally transformed since she started going to DDS, and Katie couldn’t be happier 🙂

-Katie Manthey

Ceidleigh Sweeny

Ceidleigh (pronounced “Kay-lee”) is our sweet, adorable, and playful Labrador Retriever. She joined our family as a puppy in January 2014 and it was love at first sight. Although I had labs growing up as a kid, I don’t remember much about the “puppy years.” My husband grew up with cats so he was new to the world of living with a puppy. As Ceidleigh grew, we realized she was a social butterfly who LOVED to play with other dogs and people.

My husband and I work from home some days and we soon discovered that it was nearly impossible to get any work done at home because Ceidleigh wanted to play all the time. We were not comfortable taking her to the local dog park so we tried to arrange play dates with other dogs we knew in the neighborhood, but Ceidleigh was still bored and restless at home (and we weren’t getting much work done).

On the days that we did have to go into work or leave the house for other reasons, we were not comfortable leaving our young puppy in her kennel for more than 2-3 hours. We usually tried to arrange our schedules so one of us was home with her most of the time and she wasn’t spending a lot of time in her kennel. This became very challenging as time went on and our schedules became more complicated.

We began searching for a way that would allow Ceidleigh to run around and play with some furry friends on a regular basis while also allowing us to get our work done.

Doggy Daycare to the rescue! We were very excited when we learned about Doggy Daycare and realized it could be the solution to our dilemma. We were even more excited when we brought Ceidleigh there for a visit and met all the great people that work there and care for the dogs. Ceidleigh has been attending Doggy Daycare since she was 7 months old and it has made such a difference in her life and our lives! She usually goes about 3 days a week and is always very excited when we tell her she is going to daycare. We feel good knowing that we can get our work done while Ceidleigh gets to do what she loves – run around and play with all her friends (furry and human).

Thank you Doggy Daycare!

-Shannon Sweeny & Scooter Nowak

Rocky Laskowski

Rocky has benefited from all the playing, exercise and socializing! It helps keep him active and keeps his separation anxiety at bay. My husband and I have benefited by the quiet nights after a tired dog comes home for the day. We also don’t feel guilty for having to leave him home while we are at work all day. The staff at Doggy Daycare and Spa is wonderful! We are thankful for them and trust them with our baby dog. We also enjoy the facility. It makes us comfortable leaving Rocky in such a safe and secure place to play all day.

-Nicole Laskowski

Cooper Melser

Friday’s are my long day at work. Before bringing Cooper to daycare I felt guilty for how long he was alone. For him- it wears him out. On Friday nights after dinner, he is comatose! But happy! I love this place. I don’t trust my dog with just anyone. The staff is the best! All friendly and caring!

-Tammy Melser

Annie & Emma McKane

I can’t remember but I needed to find a place to board the girls at the last minute, they passed their interview and the next day I dropped them off to board for the first time in their lives.  They loved it and are now ‘Wednesday Dogs’ and board during my work trips.  They also love their spa day and their bandannas.

Although we all benefit from Doggy Daycare, Annie has come out of her shell since going there.  She was always timid, shy and sometimes fearful of men. She is much more confident and loves the guys at Daycare.  She insists on getting a good bye petting before she leaves. Emma is a social butterfly, but as she is getting older (12+), the staff noticed that she gets tired, so they put her down for nap mid day, so she can recharge for another round of play.

I love knowing that once a week they are playing and socializing with other dogs and I travel worry-free knowing that my girls are being cared for and having a great time.    They take care of the dogs as if they were their own, and go above and beyond.  The girls know that Wednesday is day care day and even after boarding for a week, run in eagerly and happily when I drop them off in the morning.

-Patti McKane

Scout Doyle

My name is Atticus Scout Doyle and I’m one of the hip hounds who hang out at Doggy Daycare and Spa. I don’t mean to brag, but all my friends- and that includes my human friends- look forward to my arrival each week because of my “hip-ness” (after all, I am a Labrador!) which includes tail-wagging as I wait to be unleashed and let into the playroom, exchanging happy hello barks with my playmates, and special nose nudges with my best girlfriends May and Addie!

I mean when humans say, “It’s a dog’s life” they have got to be referring to the great time we all have at DDS. Just living in the moment, enjoying one another’s company and playing… playing… playing! You, know, I even look forward to my monthly Spa bath (despite the blow dryer) although it shortens my playtime; it feels so great to get a good scrub. So thank you Doggy Daycare and Spa for letting me join your pack!

Love, with a lick and a paw to you all,

– Scout Doyle

Olive Pollack

Olive’s favorite day of the week is when she goes to daycare to play all day with her friends. My favorite day of the week is the day after she goes to daycare because she sleeps all day because she is so tired. Olive could be the poster dog of Doggy Daycare and Spa; she loves the place and the staff!

– Michelle Pollack

Farrah Linn

Farrah loves other dogs! I am limited to one pet only, so daycare gives her the opportunity to make new friends and have social time with them. She can be very attached to me, so daycare is a fun time away from “mom”. Besides socialization and physical activity, daycare provides the mental stimulation Farrah needs. She falls asleep in the car before we’re out of the DDS driveway! When she is tired, I am happy!

Daycare seems to have reinforced good behavior and Farrah is now sleeping through the night. I am so glad she enjoys this opportunity. I also love your grooming services! Natalie made Farrah look good and Kandice always did a great job on my other dog Karly!

– Cindy Linn

Ewok Levenson

Ewok has separation anxiety! Having Doggy Daycare and Spa has saved both of us from uncomfortable experiences. He is here and in a safe environment and I feel safe with him being here at DDS.

– James Levenson

Riley & Sadie Lang

Sadie & Riley are always excited to come to daycare! They love to play with all their friends and meet new ones. It allows them to be active and not bored while I’m at work during the day and they usually are exhausted during the evenings. I’ve also noticed that since Sadie has been getting groomed at the Spa, she doesn’t have itchy/ flaky skin. I really appreciate the special care they give our dogs and customize their bathing needs accordingly.

Everyone is always so friendly and loves to play with the pups! I couldn’t ask for better service or friendlier staff!

– Tara Lang

Luke Chisnell

Luke is tired when he comes home! I know he is safe and the dogs are monitored at all times. Luke is so excited when Friday finally arrives! He loves daycare and looks forward to it all week.

– Jean Chisnell

Penny Hoeksema

Penny has learned to associate well with other dogs. Daycare also gives Penny much needed exercise and expend built up energy. Doggy Daycare has been one of the best decisions not only for Penny’s sake, but ours as well!

– Lindsey Hoeksema

Gunner Meridith

Gunner is a very hyper breed and needs a lot of playtime. When I pick him up in the evening he is so much calmer than the days he spends at home alone. It is great for me that he is tired because I am too after a long day at work! The team members are all wonderful. They have made my life so much easier because I know Gunner is well cared for when he comes for daycare and when he is boarded, sometimes for 2 weeks at a time. That is a long time for Gunner, but he does well because they all know him and take such good care of him.

– Jill Meridith