Cageless Daycare
Doggy Daycare and Spa provides a safe, structured and supervised environment where friendly dogs get to enjoy the company of one another. Dogs have the freedom of over 8,000 square feet of space between our large climate controlled indoor dog gymnasium and our 10-foot securely fenced outdoor playground. Our custom facilities were built with the health, safety and enjoyment of your canine companion in mind.

We cater to dogs of all sizes and activity levels because we believe Daycare isn’t just for the young and rowdy. Dogs of all ages enjoy time socializing with each other and develop friendships with those who attend on the same day(s).

We know you are busy… your days are filled with work, school, errands, family, and extra-curricular activities… and likely a million other things too. It can be difficult to devote as much time as you would like to the daily care and exercise of your four-legged family member. We provide the perfect solution and help you to be the very best pet parent possible.

Daycare at Doggy Daycare and Spa can increase a dog’s confidence with other dogs and people as they are continuously exposed to positive experiences. It can also provide an outlet for pent up energy and help alleviate separation anxiety and destructive behaviors. Doggy Daycare simply makes your pup’s world bigger than the backyard and a walk around the block while still keeping them in safe and controlled atmosphere.

Welcome to Doggy Daycare and Spa… Where the Hip Hounds Hang Out! After a day with us, we guarantee a tired and happy dog who can’t wait to return to spend the day with all their friends!

VIP’s! (Very Important Pups)
Preference is given to dogs who attend regularly on a Standing Reservation. We recommend a 1, 2 or 3 day per week Standing Reservation for the following reasons:

  • Dogs are routine animals. Believe it or not, they will know when it is Doggy Daycare Day!
  • Your dog will build relationships with the other dogs attending on his/her same day(s), creating consistent positive experiences.
  • We will always have room for your dog on his/her reserved day(s)!
  • We also provide Guaranteed Boarding Reservations for dogs who attend Daycare on a weekly Standing Reservation.

If your dog will be unable to attend on their reserved day, please call, email or text us with as much notification as you can. We understand last minute situations arise. We often have a wait list and appreciate being able to call another dog so they can come attend in your dog’s place.

Daycare Pricing
1 visit: $40
5 visits: $185
10 visits: $340
20 visits: $620

  • Doggy Daycare and Spa is not a walk-in facility. Reservations are required. We recommend 24 hour notice, however, you are welcome to call for availability any time.
  • We kindly ask that you choose a package that you will be able to use within a 6-month time period.
  • Daycare Packages are not used towards Boarding or Grooming Services. Boarding is charged separately and includes Daycare. Grooming Services are also charged separately.
  • Package Refunds are handled on a case by case basis at the discretion of management.

Payment Options: For your convenience, we accept cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.

Carly M Hip Hound Since Nov 2015 Abby M Hanging Out Since Apr 2005 Kiley & Aubrey Hip Hounds Since Dec 2014 and Apr 2017 Kingston & Vinny W Hanging Out Since Sep 2015 Carly T Hanging Out Since 2014 Ghost Hanging Out Since Jan 2017 Annie T Hip Hound Since Sep 2017 Aulie M Hip Hound Since Jul 2015 Winston M Hip Hound Since Jan 2014 Coco L Hip Hound Since Aug 2017 Buckley I Hanging Out Since Jul 2017 Bowie & Teeko Hanging Out Since Apr 2015 Smeagle Hanging Out Since Sep 2004 Toby & Lucy Hip Hounds Since Nov 2014 and Sep 2017 Max F Hip Hound Since Jun 2014 Casey L Hip Hound Since Oct 2015 Bella K Hanging Out Since Aug 2017 Riley O Hip Hound Since Jan 2016 Happy D Hip Hound Since Jan 2016 Rey S Hip Hound Since May 2017 Kiwi L Hip Hound Since Sep 2017 Bodie W Hanging Out Since Feb 2017 Zander Hanging Out Since Jan 2016 Lily Z Hip Hound Since Jan 2016 Blue H Hip Hound Since Sep 2014 Lillie W Hanging Out Since Feb 2011 Tully L Hip Hound Since Jan 2016 Belle P Hanging Out Since Jan 2012 Theo V Hanging Out Since Nov 2014 Harley B Hanging Out Since Jun 2016 Annie B Hip Hound Since Feb 2017 Luna O Hip Hound Since Oct 2016 Abby Lou G Hanging Out Since Dec 2010 Jacki K Hanging Out Since Nov 2014 Gracie S Hanging Out Since Sep 2016 Aubrey L Hip Hound Since Apr 2017 Trooper S Hanging Out Since Mar 2015 Leo J Hip Hound Since Feb 2016 Princeton F Hip Hound Since Sep 2014 Audrey R Since Dec 2016 Hemsworth Hanging Out Since Mar 2017 Bear C Hip Hounds Since Aug 2004 Frankey D Hip Hound Since Dec 2014 Cedar A Hip Hound Since Jan 2008 DZ L Hip Hound Since Nov 2016 Corabell W Hip Hound Since Sep 2016 Griffin L Hanging Out Since May 2013 Boomer S Hip Hound Since Sept 2015 Riley & Sadie C Hanging Out Since Jan 2014 Jackson K Hanging Out Since Aug 2017 Maizie F Hanging Out Since Oct 2014 May F Hanging Out Since Sep 2010 Maverick K Hanging Out Since May 2016 Farrah L Hip Hound Since Oct 2014 Annie S Hanging Out Since Feb 2016 Luke C Hanging Out Since Oct 2010 Hope D Hip Hound Since Jul 2017 Charlie Z Hanging Out Since Aug 2015 Ella B Hip Hound Since May 2016 Duncan L Hip Hound Since Jun 2014 Miggy L Hip Hound Since Jun 2016 Chewy B Hip Hound Since May 2016 Cuisle M Hanging Out Since Feb 2015 Jasper B Hip Hound Since Feb 2017 Cricket W Hip Hound Since Oct 2009 Fisher F Hanging Out Since May 2017 Remy R Hip Hound Since Nov 2015 Sammy M Hanging Out Since Feb 2009 Brie C Hanging Out Since Aug 2017 Laddie P Hip Hound Since May 2017 Elsa & Hobbes W Hip Hounds Since Oct 2012 Tiger Hip Hound Since Jul 2016 Daisy Spartan W Hip Hound Since Jul 2015